5 Things To Always​ Remember About Life

Do you ever stop to perceive your own thoughts and behaviors. To observe yourself and your way of life? Do you ever wonder what your doing in life? Do you ever stop and observe the world? Most of us never stop and question the way we live our lives and why we live the way we do.

Somehow or another we can find things to always remember. 

5 things to Always remember

  1. The past can never be changed

    Do you ever just sit and think about all the mistakes you did in the past? All the bad memories you have? Of course, everyone has done this in their life. People just think about their past. They face depression, anxiety and a high level of stress. Just thinking about the past. They ruin the present and their future as well.

“Don’t be ruled by your past. Don’t be crippled by the past. Let the past be the past and focus on what is ahead. Remember however that if you neglect the most essential lessons of the past, you shall walk into the future with one leg.”

2. Opinions don’t define the reality

Everyone is allowed to give an opinion, but not all opinions should be shared. Some opinions sound polite and others might hurt you. The negative opinion destroys a person’s life. Those negative opinions can mentally, physically and emotional destroy a person.

Many people consider that they are perfect in everything that they do, but that is just unrealistic. It just breaks my heart to see so many people in this world let the opinions of others affect them, hold them back. You are much more than just someone’s opinion of you. The more you believe on someone’s opinion, the more you believe it is true. The mind makes you think that what your hearing is actually true about yourself.  

If you don’t have anything nice to say to someone don’t say anything. Instead of breaking someone, it should be about building that person into a better person. It takes just as much energy to be nice than it does to be negative about someone.

Opinions lead to overthinking about themselves. Overthinking leads to unhappiness. Never let someone’s opinion of you define who you are as a person. Prove them wrong. Take control over yourself. 

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”

3. Everyone’s journey is different 

Everyone’s journey is different. Just because you know someone who had a rough time doesn’t mean that you will too. Your story will be as distinctive as you are. So take a deep breath, try to relax and just know that your future isn’t defined by someone else’s experience.


 “Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 30. Wait for the right time for things to happen. The universe will ultimately guide you where you are meant to be “

4. All things get better with time

Notice how impatient you get about things. You wonder when things would be okay. You think about how miserable your life is just because you might be facing some minor issues. I call them minor issues causes there isn’t any problem that doesn’t have a solution. 

Short story

Let me tell you a short story to make my point: -Once upon a time, there was an insect. A normal sized black ant wandering alone on the ground exploring some food that will serve him for the day.

After hours of pointless searching, he didn’t get any food to eat. It might be due to hot day combined with sandstorms that day for food and very soon, he found a comparatively bigger piece of bread on a somewhat one-sided slope.

He tried his best to climb up the slope but each time he crossed nearly half of the slope, and he just slipped down. But he was determined to reach for the piece of bread so he continued trying.

Even after half an hour of in-depth efforts, the ant couldn’t make it. The ant was extremely tired, almost incapable of moving anymore, hungry from a long time but even then he didn’t quit. He decided to give it another try.

This time, nature had decided something good for him. Sandstorms stopped, sun was about to set and the ant, putting even the last bit of energy to climb up, reached that point which he was longing from long. Now, the bread piece was in front of him.

He reached near the bread piece and ate it. you show that all the efforts you do, you do get a great time in life. 

5. Overthinking leads to sadness
sometimes you might wander why you just think over something that is pointless. You overthink over everything almost. Its not bad to think but overthinking leads to sadness. When you overthink about something you simply believe what your mind tells you. Mind is powerful, and you mind makes you think about things that might not exist even. 
Overthinking takes away almost all your energy and simply makes you weak. You become weak internally. Overthinking causes anxiety, stress and depression in some severe cases. 

“The sharpest minds often ruin their lives by overthinking the next step, while the dull win the race with eyes closed.”

5 ways to overcome regret!

Regret destroys everything

It might be times when your past moment just pops up in your head. It might be when you’re showering or maybe when you’re reading a book. The memories just interrelate with what you’re doing. For example, when you’re reading a book, you consider yourself to be one of the characters in the book.

The bad memories you have in the past bring regret along. At times you think of maybe if you had a chance you would go back in the past and fix things. Some of us, or maybe you can say most of us, some way or another tries to let go of the past. But something in the past just pulls you back. Makes you realize of all the painful choices you made.

Different regrets in life

Not living your life the way you want to

I think this is a main regret people face nowadays. People try to live their life the way others want them to. Each person is surrounded by a group of other people. Those other people influence them in different ways. That’s where you cause yourself damage. You tend to listen to what others expect from you. And live your life the way they tell you to.

For example, a guy in his office is given another job opportunity. He is confused whether to take it or not. That’s where he thinks to discuss it with his colleague. The colleague tells him not to take the opportunity and to stay with the job he has.
Maybe if the guy taught about it himself. And took control of his life. He would have taken this job opportunity seriously. Today he wouldn’t have been regretting it.

Expressing your feelings on time

People do lack in expressing their feelings for others. Most of the relationships nowadays don’t work well. The couple fights and surely, they breakup sooner than they imagined too. But one thing that is important to work up a relationship is expressing how you feel for the other person. I think when you express how much you love the other person that’s where the couple comes closer to each other.

The individual people who were once a couple regret all this. They try to think that if they had got a chance, they would have expressed their feelings for each other. And maybe they would have been on better terms that now.

Following your dreams

Having dreams is like everyone’s hobbies. Every person in this world has a dream. Some dream to have an amazing car, some dream to have a beautiful branded dress and others dream for a good job. There are all sorts of dreams everyone has for himself or herself. Whether rich or poor, everyone has a dream. But having a dream doesn’t matter, what matters is how to make that dream come true. Who can struggle to make their dream come true?

It’s best that you work hard now. Otherwise you might regret later. You should struggle you make your dreams come true. Because maybe now you won’t feel but later in your life you might regret. You might think that maybe if I gave my studies more time, I might have been in the university I dreamed for.

Stressing over what others think about you

I might say that people do care about what others think of them. People try to change themselves the way others might like them. People stress out on how others might judge them. They try to change themselves accordingly. But one thing for sure is that not everyone is perfect. You shouldn’t care about what others think of you.
Don’t stress over what others might think of you. It is best to do what you like, to do things that make you happy. That you know is right for yourself. Trust me people are quite selfish here and these negativities only damage you. Let people say what they want to. And you do as you like. It is better than regretting!

Not giving time to your family

We all understand that family is the most important thing in our lives. So why do most of us take all this for granted. We should realize that one day our parents, our family might no longer be with us. Why wait for that day when they would go from this planet. And we would miss spending time with them. Its bests to give them time spend time with your siblings, with your parent. If your blessed enough that they live with you. Spend lots of time with them. If they’re far away then give them Skype calls, or send them emails. Just try to stay in contact with your family.

Most of us, don’t realize how important family is. Thus later on in your life you regret that if you had more time you would have given your parents more love and care. You would have taken care of them. Try to do things on the right time. Never take your family for granted. And try to spend most of your time with them.


In short, Facing your regrets is going to be tough. It will probably be painful, terrifying and terrifying all at the same time. Don’t let that hold you back, though. Your personal growth and happiness depend on you finding a way to move forward. It’s worth the effort.

Are you still living in your past?

Focus on you’re present instead of your past!

Making mistakes is just a part of life. It’s not possible that one does not make mistakes; everyone in their life does make mistakes. And that’s just one way you may learn about life. Life isn’t as simple as people say. People learn everything with time. 

Everyone faces ups and downs in some parts of their life. But what matters is how well you can handle everything. Some hide from problems and others face them. It all depends on how strong the person is internally. But after all this still the question is

Why you cant live in the past?

I admit that people change with time, but what changes them is how much they learn from there past mistakes. You cant always live in the past. You need to move forward in life. 

Everyone has a past, some remember the bad moments. Others keep themselves isolated and depressed and others remember the good ones and stay happy. 

On the other hand for sure everyone has a certain memory in there past. That they try to hide from others because they have a fear of how the society will treat them. People treat you for your past without realizing how much you have changed since then.

One lesson I have learnt about life is that, Life is about moving on and forgetting the past, learning from the past and growing into a better person. But why can’t the society understand that. The person you were and now what you have become are certainly two different people. Because facing different obstacles in life you change into a different person depending on how strong you are internally.

People regret things they do in the past and those regrets influence them in a bad way, they become depressed. But regretting over something that is done is just acting immature and childish. Because what is done is done. You can’t change your past but what you could do is to accept your past and move on from it.

I agree people judge you over your past. Over the mistakes you might have done in the past. But that were just a part of your past and that can’t be changed no matter whatever you do. In throughout I can say that you can’t change what others may think about you even.

How to live in your past is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Because everyone has their own perspective and truly everyone isn’t as acceptive to a change.

But I think having a past isn’t that bad as it seems. But with time you become stronger than you were before. You change and become acceptive. You realize that you can’t change the past. What you could do is accept it and be happy, because a past helped you learn a better lesson.

Everyone has a certain dark side about their past that they try to hide from everyone. I can say that even I have a past that I myself try to hide. So that people don’t judge me. So that people don’t think I’ll always do the same mistakes that I have done.

But still the time comes when people still look at you as you were in your past. They consider that you would always make the same mistakes as you have done in the past. 

But trust me what is done is done. Your past will always haunt you and no matter whatever you do. You just can’t remove it from your life instead you could try to become acceptive and strong.  

And especially instead of living in the past, try to learn from your past. And learn in such a manner that you grow into a better person. Into a motivated person who can help others to move.


After all this, I can say that having a past is okay. Don’t be ashamed of for all the mistakes you might have done in the past. Because those mistakes have now taught you a better lesson.

You might not share your past with anyone. But certainly everyone has at least one person in their life, and in my opinion, you should share it with that one person, to feel relaxed and calm. And you never know that one person might be the reason you are moving on.

Living with the past is one way you may realize how strong you have become with time. How much you have learnt throughout your life.

How friendship is important in today’s world?

Real meaning of Friendship

Friendship is a mutual relationship between two people. It is not necessary to be between the same genders. Friendship is of the most important relations. As stated in most sayings “having a friend is a blessing in disguise.” The difficult thing nowadays is to understand whether the friendships are real or not. The friendship bond is made by trust, sincerity, and compromises.

I consider that without a proper understanding between both people a friendship cant be successful. Nowadays, it is tough to identify nature of people. We can’t know whether the person is loyal or not. They think as friendship as a good way to time pass.  This world is full of fake people. Honestly it is quite rare that you would find someone who fulfills all aspects of a true friendship. 

Importance of friendship:

I believe having a lot of friends isn’t bad. Having less friends but loyal ones are better. Your surrounding actually defines who you are. You become like the people your surrounded by, for example a girl having friends that take drugs. Of course you would start doing the same. People are very insecure. To make their place in a group of people they do as they do. Thus a girl seeing her friends have drugs will do the same. Just so she can make her position in the group. Its not necessary to have a lot of friends, even one is enough. If that one is loyal, trustworthy and understanding that’s more than enough.

I have faced a lot, trying to find real friends. Yet I do make a lot of friends because I believe in having a lot of people around me. People become selfish and use you for their own benefits. I noticed that people just made friends to score better grades. But at times you can’t understand someone’s intentions.


Friendship is a beautiful relation if you know its true meaning, in my opinion a friendship can only work better if you’re willing to be a supportive system for your friend. If your able to act true and loyal with them, and act trustworthy enough. In all types of relationships there exists fights and even in friendships they do too but ending a friendship over pathetic fights is being immature, instead you should clear out all the misunderstandings.

The difference between educated and uneducated societies.

An educated person is the only one who can survive in this society. Being a part of this society, we should notice that not everyone in our society could afford to get an education. Thus this is one reason why our society is divided into two parts, the educated society and the uneducated one. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages that can be evaluated according to social, power, and economic and mental status.

When we consider both societies, the first thing that comes into our mind is the income level. There is no doubt that educated people have more opportunities than uneducated people due to their certificates of achievements. They get more job chances and have a better life.

On the other hand, the uneducated people who haven’t had a chance to complete their education. They do not get many chances of a good job. And for this reason, they have to work for a small labor position. The small labor positions lead to poor health due to all the hard work they have to do. Unlike educated people, uneducated people have been pushed deep into poverty.

The level of income leads us to social status. Educated people with a high level of income seem to be a respectable figure for other people whereas uneducated people are viewed in a different way. Uneducated people do not choose to face poverty but due to not getting the education they do not have the same chances in life. Another reason why educated people have a greater status in society is because of the way they act and communicate with people.

The last aspect is the mentality. Educated people tend to be open-minded whereas uneducated people are narrow-minded. This is generally true, educated people do have an advantage of more knowledge about the world. They can easily read newspapers, books, and whatever they like to gain knowledge. Similarly, uneducated people only know what they are able to observe from their surroundings.

How education is important by history perspective

History shows that those nations who have focused on educating themselves have always succeeded in achieving their aims. Educating oneself is somehow a natural and voluntary process.

Those nations who are not able to change with the changing trends in the international environment can’t sustain in the global environment. The only key factor that can cause change tolerance and adaption in the nations is Education. With education, nations can become able to cope with the changing trends.

Example of the importance of education

In short, let’s take an example to prove that the process of education is an ever-going process. Fights were fought with spears and arrows those having more education about the war had an edge over their opponents. The same is the case with today’s wars. This concludes that education is an important aspect to survive in this society. And the one who is educated will always be successful.


As a result, I realize that not everyone in our society is able to gain a proper education. Instead, the young children of a poor family are forced to work. They are forced to beg on the streets. They are forced to work in factories. All this hard labor leads to poor health for them. Why not change things around your society. Try to pay for a poor child’s education. So when the child grows up he/she would do the same. This process would continue. And you would see in a short time how our society would become an educated one.