The difference between educated and uneducated societies.

An educated person is the only one who can survive in this society. Being a part of this society, we should notice that not everyone in our society could afford to get an education. Thus this is one reason why our society is divided into two parts, the educated society and the uneducated one. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages that can be evaluated according to social, power, and economic and mental status.

When we consider both societies, the first thing that comes into our mind is the income level. There is no doubt that educated people have more opportunities than uneducated people due to their certificates of achievements. They get more job chances and have a better life.

On the other hand, the uneducated people who haven’t had a chance to complete their education. They do not get many chances of a good job. And for this reason, they have to work for a small labor position. The small labor positions lead to poor health due to all the hard work they have to do. Unlike educated people, uneducated people have been pushed deep into poverty.

The level of income leads us to social status. Educated people with a high level of income seem to be a respectable figure for other people whereas uneducated people are viewed in a different way. Uneducated people do not choose to face poverty but due to not getting the education they do not have the same chances in life. Another reason why educated people have a greater status in society is because of the way they act and communicate with people.

The last aspect is the mentality. Educated people tend to be open-minded whereas uneducated people are narrow-minded. This is generally true, educated people do have an advantage of more knowledge about the world. They can easily read newspapers, books, and whatever they like to gain knowledge. Similarly, uneducated people only know what they are able to observe from their surroundings.

How education is important by history perspective

History shows that those nations who have focused on educating themselves have always succeeded in achieving their aims. Educating oneself is somehow a natural and voluntary process.

Those nations who are not able to change with the changing trends in the international environment can’t sustain in the global environment. The only key factor that can cause change tolerance and adaption in the nations is Education. With education, nations can become able to cope with the changing trends.

Example of the importance of education

In short, let’s take an example to prove that the process of education is an ever-going process. Fights were fought with spears and arrows those having more education about the war had an edge over their opponents. The same is the case with today’s wars. This concludes that education is an important aspect to survive in this society. And the one who is educated will always be successful.


As a result, I realize that not everyone in our society is able to gain a proper education. Instead, the young children of a poor family are forced to work. They are forced to beg on the streets. They are forced to work in factories. All this hard labor leads to poor health for them. Why not change things around your society. Try to pay for a poor child’s education. So when the child grows up he/she would do the same. This process would continue. And you would see in a short time how our society would become an educated one.

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