Are you still living in your past?

Focus on you’re present instead of your past!

Making mistakes is just a part of life. It’s not possible that one does not make mistakes; everyone in their life does make mistakes. And that’s just one way you may learn about life. Life isn’t as simple as people say. People learn everything with time. 

Everyone faces ups and downs in some parts of their life. But what matters is how well you can handle everything. Some hide from problems and others face them. It all depends on how strong the person is internally. But after all this still the question is

Why you cant live in the past?

I admit that people change with time, but what changes them is how much they learn from there past mistakes. You cant always live in the past. You need to move forward in life. 

Everyone has a past, some remember the bad moments. Others keep themselves isolated and depressed and others remember the good ones and stay happy. 

On the other hand for sure everyone has a certain memory in there past. That they try to hide from others because they have a fear of how the society will treat them. People treat you for your past without realizing how much you have changed since then.

One lesson I have learnt about life is that, Life is about moving on and forgetting the past, learning from the past and growing into a better person. But why can’t the society understand that. The person you were and now what you have become are certainly two different people. Because facing different obstacles in life you change into a different person depending on how strong you are internally.

People regret things they do in the past and those regrets influence them in a bad way, they become depressed. But regretting over something that is done is just acting immature and childish. Because what is done is done. You can’t change your past but what you could do is to accept your past and move on from it.

I agree people judge you over your past. Over the mistakes you might have done in the past. But that were just a part of your past and that can’t be changed no matter whatever you do. In throughout I can say that you can’t change what others may think about you even.

How to live in your past is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Because everyone has their own perspective and truly everyone isn’t as acceptive to a change.

But I think having a past isn’t that bad as it seems. But with time you become stronger than you were before. You change and become acceptive. You realize that you can’t change the past. What you could do is accept it and be happy, because a past helped you learn a better lesson.

Everyone has a certain dark side about their past that they try to hide from everyone. I can say that even I have a past that I myself try to hide. So that people don’t judge me. So that people don’t think I’ll always do the same mistakes that I have done.

But still the time comes when people still look at you as you were in your past. They consider that you would always make the same mistakes as you have done in the past. 

But trust me what is done is done. Your past will always haunt you and no matter whatever you do. You just can’t remove it from your life instead you could try to become acceptive and strong.  

And especially instead of living in the past, try to learn from your past. And learn in such a manner that you grow into a better person. Into a motivated person who can help others to move.


After all this, I can say that having a past is okay. Don’t be ashamed of for all the mistakes you might have done in the past. Because those mistakes have now taught you a better lesson.

You might not share your past with anyone. But certainly everyone has at least one person in their life, and in my opinion, you should share it with that one person, to feel relaxed and calm. And you never know that one person might be the reason you are moving on.

Living with the past is one way you may realize how strong you have become with time. How much you have learnt throughout your life.

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