How To Make Your Deadlines Less Stressful ( 3 effective ways)

A way to create less stressful deadlines is to break down things into simpler ones so they become easy. Like breaking down a large project into smaller tasks. Set a deadline for each task instead of just having a one final deadline. That’s a bit hard to beat. When you have a single deadline and a big task to do, you tend to become lazy about it. You think about postponing into on the next day.

This way days pass and your left with that last day to submit all the work. That way you arent able to do on the required deadline. Even if you manage to do it your not able to put in your hundred percent because you become stressful.

Yerkes Dodson law states that more mental stress there is in doing a specific task, the more efficient a person becomes. But after a certain threshold, your performance level begins to decrease. An appropriate quantity of stress should inspire increased productivity.

How To Make Deadlines Less Stressful

  • Setting deadlines according to your stress level
    Difficult taks require a low level of stressed while easy task require high level of stresses to trigger mental arousal. The next time you set a deadline, try placing a rushed deadline for all the easier tasks. That way you wont waste more time on the easy ones. And you would get more time for the difficult ones.
  • Give yourself motivation
    often people lack motivation when they are loaded with a difficult task. Especially a task that is time taking. So its best to set a more pressing deadling for yourself. Try treating your something special when you are down with simpler tasks. This way you would enjoy wrking as well.
  • Try to take someone else’s help
    When you are working on a project without any boss or partners. Its hard to set up a deadline. You have problem managing all your work. So its best to share your goals and progress with someone your sure can help you.

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