Don’t Put Yourself In Other’s Shoes

Every one of us has a different way of thinking. And a different perception about things. Maybe the same thing is happening with alot of people, but the way of perceiving it is different for every person.

We often want to put ourselves in someone elses situation to feel what they think. And this might lead us towards a different feeling. Usually the word empathy is used to describe the situation. But this isn’t true in actual. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoe will always fill your mind with skewed ideas. Because of the varying level of consciousness in you and the other person.

  • Experiences are always personal
    Since we know that everyone has a different level of consciousness. This explains how everyones experience and perception about life are different. You know what, you can never stay happy if you always try to keep yourself in other places.
    It would leave you just in a state of anxiety and stress. And this way you wont be able to concentrate more in life.
  • You cannot understand everything from the outside
    When you try to perceive others actions. By putting youself in their place. You always tend to think according to your level of consciousness. And because of this you arent able to understand the real experience of the other person. Since their problem is according to there knowledge, so its just basically a waste of time to put yourself in others shoes. Basically you cannot encounter the reality in this way as the impacts of different circumstances are always different on everyone.
    It’s not neccessary that what your assuming from the outside about the person is actually true. Just keep in mind this way the perception about a certain thing dont match. So dont waste your time, by looking at things from the outside. Because you cant really understand a persons problem.
  • Depression is a factor!
    When you try to keep yourself in someone elses shoes, you tend to concentrate more on the other person. You ignore your ownself. And this way you are left in a state of despair and depression as you cant think about the blessings you have in your life.
    For example if you see a poor person, with no shoes, no proper clothes, no shelter and no food. You tend to consider yourself in their position. In that case you will feel a sense of despair. Instead of getting into this situation, try to do something good for that person. You can by that person clothes and provide them a good place to stay.
    Don’t try to perceive things negatively as you will lose all the charms and happiness in your life. And this way you wont be able do something productive in your life.
  • Believe in the present
    Most of see someone in pain and start thinking about their future and get worried. You must learn to live in the present situation. Dont try to think about someone future, because your level of perception is different from others.
    It might be possible that the other persons future is more brighter than what your thinking. So don’t waste your time get worried over someone. Because it might be possible what your thinking isn’t actually the reality.
    For example if you see a person getting kicked out of college. And you try to think that he/she might never get into college ever. That will be wrong because failure teaches you to do more in life. So don’t think about the future, just focus on the present situation.
  • Take a third persons advice
    Instead of putting yourself in someone elses shoes, its better to consult someone else. Posing direct questions allows you to understand the perspectives of others more. Maybe what your perceiving is totally wrong, and not the truth. And there is something behind which you get to know by consulting a third person. So, direct communication is better than assumptions.

How People Around You Are An Integral Part Of Your Life

Life! : A short word with four letters, but a huge journey. It’s like a roller coaster. You meet so many people. Where some become temporary in your life and a few of them become permanent. Others just come into your life to teach you a lesson.

Now all of you might be wondering what the article is really about. Let me tell you, it’s true that you meet so many people in your life. But why? and how can you judge whos the right person and who isn’t?

Simple words about life

Let me sum up your life in a few words. You’re excited to meet new people and make new friends. Have a huge friend circle. But what if these people aren’t loyal to you?. What if they are just using you for their own self?. What would be the point to surround yourself with so many people if they’re not worth it?. I know it’s nice to be around lots of people. Seeking attention feels nice at times when you’re unstable.

But you know when you become stable in life. And when you see life in a positive way. That’s when you understand that not everyone you meet is your friend. People come and go in life. Just remember every person comes into your life to teach you a lesson. It’s not like everyone goes from your life. A few loyal and special people stay. The ones who genuinely care and love you. The ones who want you to grow and change into a better person. Those people stay.

But the question is, How do you know who would stay and who wouldn’t?. People struggle to find the right people in this evil world. It’s not like I haven’t struggled to find the right people. Everyone goes through a phase where there not sure who will stay and who wouldn’t. At times you get attached emotionally and physically with the wrong person. Still, I don’t think that’s a wrong thing.

I’m a person who gets attached to people easily. Yet it took me time to identify the right people to get attached to. You met around 10 people every day. And out of those 10 people you interact with almost 7 of them intentionally. But you know how you could know who the right person is. You simply have to keep your observation skills strong.

At times you know how the other person is, you’re sure that they won’t be good for you. They won’t let you grow in life. They will be a negative aspect of your life. Still, you let them come into your life. And not only this, you keep them at a priority. You get mentally and physically attached to that person. You wait for their texts msgs, you wait for them to talk to you. Until they don’t talk, you stay upset. That’s when you get dependent on that person. But you know in between all this what has happened?.

You have lost your value. Now you don’t matter to that person anymore. Because the person who is genuinely your friend. Won’t just leave you like this. They’ll keep you motivated and strong. They won’t let you become dependent on them. They would stay beside you and help you become an independent person. You will be internally happy. And satisfied with your life. That’s when you will be sure that you’re with the right people.

I hope you would have understood that life isn’t about meeting people and keeping them with you forever. Firstly you cant force a person to stay with you forever. Secondly, always remember that people come in your life to teach you a lesson. And that lesson will stay with you forever. Thirdly, try to judge the person before trusting them so easily. Because not everyone is worth keeping in your life.