3 Effective Ways To Work From Home due to coronavirus

The coronovirus lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has been announced in many countries. And because of this all the people are informed to stay at home. So that the number of deaths could be controlled. Due to all the recent situation, people have no other choice but to conduct their business from home. Some of the people have trouble working at home, because you dont have an office environment. Other than this there are so many distractions. So it is best to ensure that we make some plans and some strategies to work this out.

Success will only come to those who are hard working and dedicated towards their work. These are the people who are taking actions regardless of the coronavirus situation.

3 ways on how to work from home Effectively

  • Keeping the office hours in mind
    All of you are working from home, due to the wide spread of coronavirus. But doing work from home doesn’t justify you altering your schedule. To make this more easy for you, it is best to set up a routine. Just to ensure that everything remains as normal and as organised as possible. If you want to earn income during this situation, you must work. Its not as simple as it sounds. But yet make this time more productive for yourself. I know that the lockdown has terrified you all. And many of you aren’t able to focus on working effectively. But just to make it easy for you all, don’t change your office hours.
    Be as punctual as you can, even if your at home. Being at home doesn’t mean you waste your time sitting and watching TV. And then at the end your left with a huge bundle of work. Not only this but when the lockdown is over, you all might suffer. Just because of the altering office timings at home, you all might have problem when you go back to office.
    Anyways by working at home as the same office hours you already had, you will be able to maintain your performance level. A lot of the damage as far as the business income is concerned will be eliminated. You know what working at home can be exciting and pleasurable. But it should not stop you from the things which you need to do.

  • Take care of Yourself
    Staying at home doesn’t mean you forget about yourself. It’s not about forgetting your healthy diet plans and leaving exercise. Instead of sitting around, utilize this time by making new exercise routines and changing your diet. This can be a perfect time to set new standards and to program them into your consciousness. To such an extent that they will become a way of living long after the work from home period has ceased.
    You can use this time for your own self. Working from home gives you a chance to self grow and be more productive. You wanna know how? Its really simple. Along with this work from home period, you can give yourself a lot of time. You can read more books, do meditation and yoga. Not only does this help you mentally but also physically.

  • More time for family
    With the usual routines you aren’t able to find time for your family. You work like 10-12 hours a day and when you get home, you all are so tired then you just fall asleep. But you know what since your at home now, you have sufficient time to catch up with the things you have missed till now. Working from home sounds hard to do, but you know what its not. You get so much time to give to your family. Since you’re at home and the travelling time cuts off from you routine. This way you are able to be a part of your family matters.
    You know spending time with your family gives you inner happiness. Due to the hard office timings, you aren’t able to give time to your kids. This way you are able to look at the small cute things your kids are doing.

Lets stay home and fight with coronavirus
I hope coronavirus ends soon!
Till then takecare Everyone!

6 tips To Overcome Being Shy In Every Situation

People who are shy, often here sentences like, “get up”, “be confident you can do it”. “Don’t be shy“. It seems like everyone saying these words to you are trying to encourage you on not to be shy. But its not easy to get rid of this awkwardness.

People who think its challenging to bring confidence in a shy person, then this is the time to prove them wrong. Furthermore, Being a shy person myself, I have always struggled alot in life. And thats why i would love to share some tips on how you can overcome being shy in every situation.

How To Stop Being Shy

People who are shy, always try to find ways to become more confident. So they are able to talk in public. So here it is some tips on:

How to be Confident

  • Make your communication skills stronger
    The people who are shy have a hard time communicating with others. Furthermore, its best if you start talking to new people. Try talking to people when your travelling through a bus or cab in the morning. You can just start the conversation by saying “hello, how are you?”,”what do you do?”. These are the common questions people ask while starting a conversation with a complete stranger.
    By practicing the same thing daily, you will boost up your confidence a bit. You will easily be able to know how to start a new conversation. Once you start a conversation by yourself you will be able to drag the conversation as long as you want.
  • Take a grip on your strong points
    Once you start a conversation with someone, you lack in what to say. In this case if you have a grip on your strong points. You will be able to speak more about yourself even. Furthermore, Try to write down all the positive points about yourself. And believe in yourself. You will see a huge change in yourself.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror
    To increase your confidence, it might sound weird but stand infront of the mirror. This way you will be able to judge yourself. Especially when you get confused in gatherings. This is a proven tip, Furthermore because you are able to look at yourself while starting a random conversation. And you go know where you lack. This way your confidence level boosts and your’e no longer a shy person.
  • Reading books
    While reading books you are able to have more knowledge about certain topics. This way even if your shy, you are able to have knowledge. People who are shy dont really have anything to talk about. And thats where they lack in confidence. If you read more books like ‘The quick and easy ways to effective speaking by dale carnegie” can help you become more confidence.
  • Stay motivated
    I know being shy in this world is hard. People tend to use you and degrade you. But you know keeping yourself motivated can help you stay confident around people aswell.
    Furthmore, dont overthink and dont panic. Being insecure about certain things is a beautiful feeling. This way you are able to change and grow into a better person. Keep yourself busy in productive things and you can see how a shy person becomes a confident person.