Depression- 4 Amazing ways to get rid of it

Depression- The Ultimate killer of Human Beings

Depression is one of the main issues that both teenagers and adults face nowadays. And around 8 out 10 people have this problem. It’s not because of one issue but each individual has its own reasons for depression.

Depression has worst effects if it prolongs. It makes the person think differently, act aggressively and in many cases the person cant sleep and have eating disorders as well. They may also try to harm someone around them if they have severe depression conditions. In such conditions the doctors prescribe certain pills that help the person to relax.

What Causes Depression: Is It A Breakup Or A Job Loss?

Depression is not only due to breakups they have many reason. Some people have family issues, like parents getting divorced or separated. Other depressions are due to having financial issues and not being able to do further studies. As depression has different reasons to occur the same way people act differently towards it.

What do you think happens when someone is depressed? Some people during depression/anxiety are able to discuss everything with someone in their life while others keep themselves isolated and prefer not to share anything with anyone. This is when the condition of the person worsens.

What if you decide to share something with people around you? If you still consider sharing something, the society judges the person in such a way that the person isn’t able to live peacefully. The society thinks that depressed people have some sort of mental issues and aren’t safe to be around. Usually in recent studies it is seen that men are affected more by depression instead of women because men are less expressive and they tend to keep there problems within themselves, very few decide to share things with someone and they hopefully get out of depression soon, but the ones who don’t share and keep themselves isolated tend to suffer.

Medication, psychotherapy and Electroconvulsive Therapy usually help cure depression. But not only this, if a person is internally strong enough they can cure depression manually. A person only gets depressed if they are weak and unable to know what to do and what not to do.

Depression usually prolongs among people who don’t usually share things with other. But yet on the other hand it should be seen that our society isn’t much acceptive and supportive.

Supposing a women gets a divorce and that’s her reason to depression, our society instead of encouraging her to move on and forget the past. Instead of supporting her and helping her through these ups and downs of her life. They just act ruthless, they don’t support at all instead they just keep judging others which for somehow your not okay with, even if your a women or man. Instead of the divorced women getting some support from the society from her family, she is judged in a bad way, that causes the main reason to her depression and at this stage a person tends to stay isolated and may also try to commit suicide.

Right now, 20 million people are in the midst of an episode of depression.

Some have the incapacitating symptoms of what doctors call a major depression. These symptoms usually require professional attention because they are very severe and demoralizing. Feeling hopeless and worthless, a person with major depression may sleep and eat irregularly.

In the throes of severe depression, it is hard to concentrate, make decisions, or find the energy to do much of anything. Thoughts of suicide are common. It primarily refers to a state of mind that is purely negative, with an inclination to insufficiency and a hopeless lack of interest to do things.

If someone has a minor depression, however, the problem is more manageable. Experts say that people who have some minor anxiety will feel lousy about themselves and lousy about their lives, but they are managing to function at a high level.

In fact, some of the new found ways of battling the blues are related to what you do as well as what you feel.

Ways To Prepare Your body To Help Prevent Minor Depression:

Read on how to Relax your Mind

  1. Put some spring in your step.

Regular exercise may be the most powerful natural antidepressant available. It is advisable that you take a brisk walk. Exercise helps generate the release of brain chemicals called endorphins. When endorphin levels are low, depression occurs. Exercise also oxygenates the brain, keeping it healthy.

How much should you exercise? Thirty minutes, five or six days a week, at moderate intensity, is a nice level to aim for to help prevent the brain imbalances that can make you vulnerable to depression.

  1. Nourish your brain.

Virtually any nutrient deficiency can result in impaired mental function, including depression. To help prevent depression, health experts recommend that people should take high-potency multivitamins or mineral supplement. This will supply the brain with enough nutrients in order to keep it properly functioning and, thus, avoid some mental disorders such as depression.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Getting less than eight hours of sleep, night after night, may lower levels of the brain chemical known as “serotonin,” which can make you more prone to depression. To sleep well, health practitioners recommend going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, including weekends.

Relax before bedtime, perhaps with a hot bath. And for the soundest sleep, keep your bedroom quiet and dark.

  1. Consider some alternate explanations.

Your emotions, positive or negative, are created not by situations themselves, but by the way you interpret those situations. A very common situation can turn into a reason for hand wringing unless you take mental steps to prevent it.

Suppose a friend is going to pick you up so that the two of you can go somewhere and do something fun together. Now, suppose that time passes, and your friend does not arrive to get you. Your feelings change, quite literally, from moment to moment.

If at first you think of your friend as being insensitive and irresponsible, you will find yourself feeling angry at him. If you think that perhaps something bad has happened to him, you will naturally become concerned. If you think that this person does not care much about you and that is why he is late, you feel rejected, lonely, even depressed.

Although the situation does not change, and that your friend is still delayed, you can have a whole range of feelings depending on how you interpret that event.

For this reason, experts contend that situations are usually ambiguous, open to any interpretation. Hence, your interpretation helps create your feelings about the situation. Positive interpretations lead to good feelings and enjoyment; negative interpretations lead to bad feelings and depression. To stay on the positive side, try to look for the positive interpretations.

Indeed, depressions can be very destructive if neglected. Hence, the best way to stop the development of depression is to always put a bright light on the blues and create a positive outlook in life.

In my opinion depression is a more social but less medical issue, it becomes a medical issue when it is not properly dealt at the social level. The only way to eradicate this curse from our society is by strengthening the family institution. It is found in the study that those people who have someone with whom they can share all their happy and sorrow moments live more lively and happily regardless of the fact how rich or poor they be. And good relationships can be only found in such a society where there exists a strong marriage and family institution.

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