Meaning of Evolving in Love

LOVE, a word with four letters but a deep meaning behind it. You all might have been in love once in your lifetime. But what’s important is, what you call love, is it actually love or not? How can you be evolving in love?

Have you all been staying up late chatting with a specific person? Or thinking about one person for the whole day? It has happened with almost 9 out of 10 people. It’s easy to fall in love with a person. Getting attached to one person because of strong affection. And then Letting go of someone due to certain circumstances. But you know during this love journey we evolve into a different person.

What love does to you

One day you will learn that love does not hurt you or make you feel misunderstood. Love does not give you mixed signals or confuse you. For sure love is not one-sided or a concept of being unsure about you. It is not a foot in and one foot out. It grips you by the hand and makes you stay.

Loves listens to your thoughts and understands you. It knows that you are not perfect, but it still accepts you with all your jagged edges and scars. This relation appreciates that you need time and it gives you space for healing. Does love make you unworthy? No, it teaches you that you are worth everything and more. It does not hold you back or stop you from flying. Furthermore, it becomes the reason you spread your wings to touch the sky. The most important lesson of all, love teaches you new ways to love yourself, every single day.

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Be with the person

You need to be with the person who loved you yesterday, loves you today, and will continue to love you tomorrow. This person knows what it means to love someone. The person who understands that love isn’t just a feeling, but an action. It’s basically a promise. The feeling of you doing something for someone. The concept of being there for someone, that’s what love is.

The person who appreciates the responsibilities that come with loving someone. The person whose smile is enough to tell you how much you mean to them. No matter whatever happens their feelings for you will never falter.

Real Truth of love

Its honestly, heartbreaking how you can love someone so much. To the point that you can sacrifice your time, your effort, and your emotions all within their name. Only for a day to come in which all of that is slapped back into your face. As if you had committed a crime for loving someone so much. As is you committed a crime by praying more for them. Its as if they can’t fathom anyone caring nor loving them this much.

You know the worst part is when they tell you to stop loving them. You can’t even explain how they’re the reason you fell in love in the first place. How can you stop now when you’re attached? Its as if they are picking and choosing a flower. If they don’t like it after plucking they throw it away. When you see the other person is changing is such a way you don’t really know what to do. Every time you try to explain your feelings to them, they label you as the fault. As if you’re a criminal for loving so much.

So now what, you’re the victim? You get called annoying for simply wanting to preserve a beautiful bond you share and don’t want to lose. How do you tell them that if you were to lose them? You would have lost everything in life. How do you make someone take off the blindfold they’ve put over their hearts? How do you tell someone they’re hurting you to the point your life is falling apart without simplifying being called annoying.

Evolving in Love

Now you all have seen the bad side of falling in love. But you know there is always a good and bad side of something. Well, in this case. in love there is also a good side. Now, let’s discuss how you evolve during the love journey.

It all starts with you liking someone. To such an extent that you crave to talk to that person all the time. Even when you’re not talking to them, your just thinking about them. With time this bond becomes so special and so beautiful. That there is no thinking of separation. You love looking at each other, and not saying a word. Even at that time silence says so much. But what happens next? Attachment and affection. The other two beautiful parts of falling in love.

You are so attached to that person that losing them isn’t an option. But you know for some time things seem like a fairytale. It’s like your a princess and your living in your own world. But you know what’s next? Things get worse with time. Do you think every love story ends happily? Do you think you’re living in a movie world?

Things don’t work like this in the real world. With time people just get fed up with each other. They don’t like things going in the same way. The couple doesn’t communicate things on time and then it just leads to misunderstandings. Well, now you’re at the end of your love journey. It’s the time when you both end up breaking up. Well maybe both of you don’t want it but one of you does.

In most cases, I have seen girls/ women suffering during all this. It’s a rare case that a guy has to suffer the pain of breaking up. Well, let me say its heartbreaking losing someone you have loved so much. It’s like someone has taken your heart out of you. You feel empty every day. You crave for that person. You want to talk to them, but you’re not sure if they will. You want to be with that person. Everything goes this way for a long time. Until you realize how you can evolve in love.

Many of us evolve in love during their relationships, some of us do it after breaking apart. Depends on your nature. But honestly evolving in love is the best thing.

Falling in love isn’t that special, but evolving into a better person is beautiful. When you fall in love with someone, you just don’t fall in love with the person. But you fall in love with the soul. A couple comes closer and understands each other. Not only this but they help each other to become a different and a better person. You let each other evolve into a better version. Now, this is all about evolving in love, what about when a couple separates?.

I know that there are pain, depression, and anxiety. But other than this when you opt to move on, that’s when a new phase starts. The meaning of evolving in love starts when you try to move on. When you understand how you can be a better person. I know there is always a reason to meet someone and always a time to let go of them.

But you know when your heartbroken, and you become strong. That’s when you let things to absorb in yourself. You know where things go wrong and why you lost someone. You try to focus on yourself more. Give more time to yourself. That’s when you change. That’s the true meaning of evolving in love.

Let’s conclude everything. The meaning of evolving in love is to look into yourself more. To see where you lack and make your weakness into your strength. Don’t degrade yourself. I want people who are reading my article to know that you are beautiful. You are a beautiful soul. Who deserves a person who loves you for who you are. So don’t degrade yourself. Understand that your self-worth and self-respect are your first priority.

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