5 Ways To Overcome The Feeling of Guilt

Among all of the feelings in the world, the feeling of guilt affects you the most. Irrespective of the reason or the backstory of guilt feelings. It is not good at all. Guilt feelings arent good for your health. When you are suffering from the guilt feeling, you many not know why you are feeling regretful. Thus you start questioning over yourself.

In most cases, the reasons are clear for guilt feelings. Yet you dont have an idea of how you should manage it.

Ways To Overcome The Feeling of guilt

1. Accept the reality
Life is too short. You cant go back in time and fix things. If your feeling of guilt is connected with a certain incident in your past, in which you were particularly involved. Then you should just accept the reality. If you want to be happy and satisfied in life. Furthermore, its best you accept whatever has happened. Mistakes are a part of life. And they are done so that you can learn and grow into a better person.

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2. Understand how you have changed
I can understand why a guilt feeling really comes in you. It only happens when you are regretting something that has happened. I know that everyone has a past, Buts its best if you let it go and move on. You know what really matters is how you have changed after everything. Memories go away with time. And you also forget your mistakes with time. But you know how people usually do it. They think about how the bad incident had changed them into a better person.

Let me tell you something, even a girl after her breakup or even divorce. Changes into a different person. She doesn’t end her life their. She finds the best and positive things about life. And lives for that. Like her family, or even her children. So trust me think about life as a positive lesson. And enjoy the changing in yourself.

3. Realize a simple concept
Trying to achieve perfection in our lives is a formula for disappointment since it can never be accomplished. We commit mistakes, and a large number of us go down in our lives that can make us feel regretful later on. Just realize that nobody is perfect in life. And mistakes can be done. Don’t regret something you have done in the past.

4. Be kind to yourself
When you are in the feeling of guilt. You tend to harm yourself. You tend to overthink and this affects your mental health. Furthermore, give yourself some treatement that you would want for your companion. So, next time you commit a mistake, try to follow the approach to be kind to yourself.

5. Prepare A journal of your guilt feelings
When there’s a gap between what you are and who you want to be. You will encounter guilt and shame. Keep a journal is your best opportunity to fix this. if you can record how you feel every day, you will build your awareness and have the option to figure out how the guilt is influencing you.

15 Inspirational Quotes to Change your Mindset

Staying motivated always is hard. But the most important lesson is to be positive so you can change your mindset. I understand that it can be hard to have a positive mindset when you are feeling down. To get away from the negativity, you will have to put in the effort to move your mind in a positive direction, but it can be done. You can also do it by changing a few habits of yours.

To jumpstart your move to positivity, I’ve collected 15 positive mindset quotations to inspire you.

Quotes on Mindset

“Success is not about being a genius or getting lucky. Success is about how you think of yourself when you look in the mirror. Your mindset will ultimately determine your success rate.” -Derick T. Brown Jr

“Our greatest fear should not be a failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” – Francis Chan

“Your mindset determines how you perceive and connect to the world around you.”-Joseph Taylor

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”– Helen Keller

“Today is a new beginning, a chance to turn your failures into achievements & your sorrows into goods. No room for excuses.” – Joel Brown

Not everyone can just jump right into something new and change their mindset at the drop of a hat. Joseph Taylor, The Prepper Mindset 

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks extraordinary results.” – Wade Boggs

“Optimism is the most important human trait because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.” -Seth Godin

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

Individuals in a growth mindset don’t simply look for a challenge, they blossom with it. The greater the challenge, the more they stretch.”

“The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.” 

“It is easier for one to take risks and to chase his dreams with a mindset that he has nothing to lose. In this lies the immense passion, the great advantage of avoiding a materialistic, pleasure-filled way of life.” ― Criss Jami

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” –Charles Swindoll

“You should also appreciate the goodness around you, and surround yourself with positive people.” – Nadia Comaneci

“In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

How To Handle Someone With Opposite Opinions

We all have different opinions, values and thinking styles. There are times that we agree with others’ opinion. But sometimes discussing your own opinions can lead to an argument.

There is a difference between disagreeing with a point and justifying yourself with facts. Most of us don’t want to disrespect someone. So they prefer productive discussions.

The arguments become strong and valid when it contains facts and figures. Your simple opinion is useless when other people don’t agree with it. But the problem is that you can’t remember the facts in the middle of the argument.

Your opinion is justified only if you are able to explain through logic only. And you have to give logical reasons to control the argument so you can win it. Try to give information that supports you and has the reason for your disagreement.

Find your Inner Peace

  • Don’t Take Anything Personally
    When you are in a professional setting, you must avoid the risk of getting personal with the other person. There are many conflicts, and everybody does have their own opinions. You should praise the opinion of other people. But never degrade the other person. Even in a random argument, if you take other person opinions personal, this might affect your relationship with them. So avoid taking things personally and try to give your ideas effectively.
  • Recognize The Good
    If you have a disagreement with any person, try to find the best thing in that argument. You can find something helpful and you can take out that point and add it in your ideas and discuss it with them again. At that time you can successfully agree with them with your opinion. During an argument, the opposite person can give you an idea or a lesson. That you can use in your own justifications.
  • Listen Calmly And Be Polite
    When we have a disagreement, we stop listening to the opponent’s opinions. And try to win the argument by not listening. Even we start speaking in the middle of someone’s opinion rather than listen to them carefully.
    And this worsens the situation, you just have to listen to each other to end the argument with peace. Its best to listen to the person calmly, before giving your own opinion. Trust me this way will be the best way to handle someone with an opposite opinion.

    When you are polite during a conversation, you tend to win an argument by just being polite and staying calm. Try to use “I” in your sentences to keep the conversations smooth and effective.
  • Avoid More Arguments
    when you know that you are right and on point. so you don’t need to prove yourself. You can’t prove yourself all the time, and a time comes when you are tired and exhausted.

    The discussion will be useless, and you are wasting time with the wrong person. the best solution for avoiding an argument is to change the topic of discussion.
    If your conversations turn in to a personal fight, by making offensive statements. you might worsen the situation. You just have to away from such things. Everyone has limits, and when someone tries to cross that limts, thats the sign that you need to stop.

A New Entry

The Wrong person
Chapter 2: A New Entry

The story will explain a new entry of a character. This new entry will either be the hero or the villain of the story. Read further to know about him.
If someone hasn’t read the first chapter, here it is:

After bumping into a guy and simply not even getting a chance to find out his name. I left every thought behind and went into the admission office. Since it was my first day, I was super excited and nervous at the same time. After all the paperwork, finally, I got my admission into the best fashion designing college.

Samantha came to me as soon as i came out the admission office. After hearing about my admission, she planned to celebrate it with all her friends. I didnt like the idea of celebrating it with such a big social circle. But seeing samanth’s happiness, I tried to be okay with the idea. She wanted me to fit in here. Well I think she is right. The party was going to be held in the near by Olivers club. Me and Samantha headed home to get dressed for the party.

I really didnt like interacting with people, but yet I knew everything about fashion. I decided to wear a sleeveless royal blue maxi with black heels. Curled my hair and applied red lipstick. And I was completely ready within an hour. Unlike samantha who took atleast 2 hours to get ready. I decided to call james. We hadnt talk since the last time we met on the airport. Calling james seemed exciting at the start but as soon as the number kept on ringing. My heart started pumping faster. Well he didnt pick up, and I was shocked.

There had never been a single time that james hadnt picked up my phone. You know all of sudden when an environment changes. You think that people change with time too. In most cases they do. But you need to think positive to enjoy life better. Here james didnt pick my call up, it made me so angry that i threw my phone away. And went with samantha to the party.

I was angry about him not texting me, or even messaging me where he was. I thought he would be more excited to talk to me. But things didn’t seem that way. The party was a loud one for sure. There were like so many people in Samantha’s social circle. And I hardly knew anyone. Looking around everywhere, I spotted him. The guy I bumped into in the morning and didn’t even get a chance to talk to.

The time I looked at him, our eyes just met all of a sudden. He recognised me and I recognized him. He came to me and we started talking. Well, he asked me if I wanted a drink. But I told him that I didnt drink at all. Thats when he insisted on drinking. He thought it was a party and i should enjoy like others are. After a couple of talks and lots of insisting. I tried a glass of wine. Well, lets say I think i was so angry at james that i deicded that it was best to just drink to forget things.

In no time, I kept on drinking and drinking. That i zoned out. I lost control over my senses. I had drank so much that I didnt know where i was. The next moment I knew it, I was at my flat. And he was sitting on the chair near my bed.

The Wrong Person

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

The short story has a few chapters, yes it will be a love story but along with this, you will learn certain life lessons too. The story has been named “The Wrong Person”. Here you will know after a few chapters who the wrong person really is. Till then keep reading guys!

Holding your hand in mine, while feeling the cold breeze. The only thing I craved for at this moment was your warmth. I could feel your heartbeat while walking with you. Every moment with you was like a dream. Walking on the beach and hearing the waves with him was something I think every girl of my age wished for. We sat down near the water, just to spend a couple of more moments together. We kept looking into each other’s eyes. It was like we had to say something but we didn’t have words to say it. 

He held me close into his arms. Where my head was on his chest. And I could hear his heartbeat. His heartbeat was raising fast. His hands were shivering with cold. That’s when I held his hands in mine. I could feel him hugging me against his chest. It was like these moments were for just a while. They were going to end soon but we wanted to spend these moments being close to each other.  

I kept looking at him, just to hear if he was ready to talk about something. But he wasn’t. He looked at me with a cute smile and then took me back into an even tighter hug. The only thing I wanted right now was to live in this moment without thinking about anything else. But the night had to come to an end sooner or later.

It was the time to part ways for our better future. Since I was into fashion, I planned on going to USA to pursue my career. While he was more into business, His family was rich and more into business. To expand his business he had to shift to France. Parting ways wasnt an easy thing to do right now.

But I believe that to pursue your dreams you need to take some difficult decisions!. Thats what life is all about. And thats what me and jason decided to do. We were leaving on the same day so that it would be easy to part ways.

It was almost midnight, when we realised that it was time to leave for the airport. We held each other tight for the very last time. Yes we were sad and heartbroken. But we were satisfied that atleast we were going away from each other for a better future.

Letting go of each other at the airport was tough, I kept on looking behind just to see him before its time to depart. The flight was a long one i could say. Reached USA around 12 am. This is when I stepped into a new beginning of my life. USA was so beautiful, the palm trees and big buildings. The people around me and everything was amazing.

A close friend of mine samantha, came to pick me up from the airport. I was going to live with her until i didnt find a place of my own. Samantha has been my childhood friend. We both decided to pursue fashion designing together. And here we are. In our new apartment, It was a really small place with one room and a big lounge. But it was super close to our college at least.

The next day, was the first day of college admissions. Samantha went along with me for the admissions. But as soon as we reached their, she found a few of her old friends. I didnt want to disturb her. And i simply didnt want to interact with these people either. I was a shy person and i wasnt a social freak either. I continued on walking towards the admission office. When I bumped into a guy and dropped my files too. Well he helped me with picking up my stuff. And asked me whether I was new. I told him I was a new student here and it was my first day. He helped me with the admissions and everything.

But you know what we talked so much and i hardly got time to ask his name even. You all might want to know more about the guy that would be in the other chapter.whether this guy is the wrong person or not. But Im sure you all will love this life story. It will be all about what an influence a wrong person brings in your life.

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5 Amazing Ways to avoid Losing People

Have you ever been in a place where you are being constantly criticized? And you are unable to gel with others. Do you always seem to say the wrong things to others? Have you been losing people? Has it even come into your minds that making wrong decisions might be the reason. Furthermore, it might be of the main reasons why other people react as they do?. You are always losing friends and people around you. Maybe its because of your actions.

Sometimes you do things without thinking about the consequences. This is maybe why people act in the wrong way with you. This article will discuss a few common habits people have and how to drop them. Once you know you have a toxic habit. Try your best to let go of it.

Reasons You Are Losing People

  • Not making the first move
    We can expect from an introvert, that it’s difficult to be social. They have a problem talking to people and initiating a conversation. But every time if someone has to approach you. Then you aren’t able to start a conversation. The situation gets complex. People get bugged by the fact that they always need to initiate the conversation.

    Furthermore, You know what you can do is try to drop a text, or make a call or you can talk in person several times. You can ask by asking how their weekend went. Once you start this you will end up changing your habits. Being social helps you in many ways, especially at your job. In my opinion, those people who are able to talk and convince others.
  • Being tactless during conversations
    I agree that in this harsh world you can’t keep everyone happy. But at least this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be polite during a conversation. Just as your boundaries must be respected. you also must respect others. When you are polite to others you are more convincing too. Because people listen to you more. Your nature matters a lot here. Otherwise you will be losing people very easily.
  • Not valuing other’s time
    Everyone has 24 hours per day. Try your best to treat it as valuable as possible. You make habits of showing up late on a meeting, reaching late on gathering and many such habits. That show you don’t value time. In such cases people might think that you dont value their time and might problem not include you in such plans again.

    Tardiness is a major turn off for a lot of people. if you are the type who is always busy and forget things then try to write these down some where as a reminder.
  • Disparaging others opinion
    Being close-minded and unable to accept how we are all entitled to our opinions is bad enough. Without you making fun of the opinions of those you don’t agree with. Respecting peoples point of view isn’t as difficult as you think. you can disagree with something without hurting anyone else.

    when you have a difference of opinion over a matter, bear in mind that the other person can be right too even though you do not agree with their points.

To conclude at the end I would like to say that everyone wants to be heard and appreciated. If you love the sound of your voice too much and cut off what others say. You will end up being alone. Being a good listener and obeserver is a good habit to cultivate. Furthermore, You get to listen to different opinions and see different perspectives. Trust me this way you won’t be losing people around you. Making friends at a job or university isn’t easy. You need to value other people too. If you want poeple to value you. And not facing the losing people phase!

Follow this link to read more on this topic: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/7-things-losing-the-one-you-loved-teaches-you.html

The Lesson On Willpower

The willpower response is a reaction to your internal conflicts. You want one thing like smoking but you know you shouldn’t. Or you know you have to do something like the gym but rather you do nothing instead.

Your brain basically helps you take all the decisions and helps in regulating your mood as well. So it’s best that you feed your brain with good quality food so it has enough energy to do its job and get enough sleep as well. That’s one way you could improve your will power as well. You can say that the source of your willpower is your brain.

we can say that willpower is like a muscle. Which can be get exhausted when overused. But we can strengthen it by training it.

How can you improve your willpower

  • Increase your capability for pressure: Learn how to manipulate pressure

To begin with, we need to control our stress tiers, says McGonigal. Being under high stages of stress approach that our body’s energy is used up in appearing instinctively. And making decisions primarily based on short-time period effects. Our prefrontal cortex loses out within the battle for our energy whilst high-stress is concerned. McGonigal says that preventing to take some deep breaths while we sense overwhelmed. Or tempted can be a splendid start in handling our stress degrees and enhancing our strength of mind.

  • Encourage your self to paste on your plan

To make it even less difficult, it appears that self-confirmation may even assist you to have more strength of mind. While you’re strolling out, in keeping with a study posted inside the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. A desirable instance of that is the distinction among telling your self “I can’t” and “I don’t.” Taking back manage of the situation using the word “I don’t” has been shown to be greater powerful at assisting you to stick for your plan and wreck horrific habits:

Every time you inform yourself “I can’t”, you’re developing a remarks loop that is a reminder of your limitations. This terminology shows that you’re forcing your self to do some thing you don’t want to do.
So try telling your self that you don’t try this awful habit, in preference to punishing your self by using announcing “I can’t.”

  • Get extra sleep to assist your brain manage power higher

McGonigal additionally says getting sufficient sleep makes a huge difference to how successfully our prefrontal cortex works:

Sleep deprivation (even just getting much less than six hours a night) is a kind of continual strain. That impairs how the frame and mind use electricity.
Luckily, McGonigal also cites research that have proven we will make this paintings in our prefer with the aid of ensuring we get sufficient sleep:

When the sleep-disadvantaged capture a higher night’s sleep, their brain scans no longer show signs of prefrontal cortex impairment.
And if you’re wondering how tons sleep is enough, here’s a rough guide: one of the most acclaimed sleep researchers, Daniel Kripke, observed in a recent take a look at that “people who sleep among 6.5 hours and 7.Five hours a night, live the longest, are happier and maximum efficient”.

How To Make Your Deadlines Less Stressful ( 3 effective ways)

A way to create less stressful deadlines is to break down things into simpler ones so they become easy. Like breaking down a large project into smaller tasks. Set a deadline for each task instead of just having a one final deadline. That’s a bit hard to beat. When you have a single deadline and a big task to do, you tend to become lazy about it. You think about postponing into on the next day.

This way days pass and your left with that last day to submit all the work. That way you arent able to do on the required deadline. Even if you manage to do it your not able to put in your hundred percent because you become stressful.

Yerkes Dodson law states that more mental stress there is in doing a specific task, the more efficient a person becomes. But after a certain threshold, your performance level begins to decrease. An appropriate quantity of stress should inspire increased productivity.

How To Make Deadlines Less Stressful

  • Setting deadlines according to your stress level
    Difficult taks require a low level of stressed while easy task require high level of stresses to trigger mental arousal. The next time you set a deadline, try placing a rushed deadline for all the easier tasks. That way you wont waste more time on the easy ones. And you would get more time for the difficult ones.
  • Give yourself motivation
    often people lack motivation when they are loaded with a difficult task. Especially a task that is time taking. So its best to set a more pressing deadling for yourself. Try treating your something special when you are down with simpler tasks. This way you would enjoy wrking as well.
  • Try to take someone else’s help
    When you are working on a project without any boss or partners. Its hard to set up a deadline. You have problem managing all your work. So its best to share your goals and progress with someone your sure can help you.

5 Things To Always​ Remember About Life

Do you ever stop to perceive your own thoughts and behaviors. To observe yourself and your way of life? Do you ever wonder what your doing in life? Do you ever stop and observe the world? Most of us never stop and question the way we live our lives and why we live the way we do.

Somehow or another we can find things to always remember. 

5 things to Always remember

  1. The past can never be changed

    Do you ever just sit and think about all the mistakes you did in the past? All the bad memories you have? Of course, everyone has done this in their life. People just think about their past. They face depression, anxiety and a high level of stress. Just thinking about the past. They ruin the present and their future as well.

“Don’t be ruled by your past. Don’t be crippled by the past. Let the past be the past and focus on what is ahead. Remember however that if you neglect the most essential lessons of the past, you shall walk into the future with one leg.”

2. Opinions don’t define the reality

Everyone is allowed to give an opinion, but not all opinions should be shared. Some opinions sound polite and others might hurt you. The negative opinion destroys a person’s life. Those negative opinions can mentally, physically and emotional destroy a person.

Many people consider that they are perfect in everything that they do, but that is just unrealistic. It just breaks my heart to see so many people in this world let the opinions of others affect them, hold them back. You are much more than just someone’s opinion of you. The more you believe on someone’s opinion, the more you believe it is true. The mind makes you think that what your hearing is actually true about yourself.  

If you don’t have anything nice to say to someone don’t say anything. Instead of breaking someone, it should be about building that person into a better person. It takes just as much energy to be nice than it does to be negative about someone.

Opinions lead to overthinking about themselves. Overthinking leads to unhappiness. Never let someone’s opinion of you define who you are as a person. Prove them wrong. Take control over yourself. 

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”

3. Everyone’s journey is different 

Everyone’s journey is different. Just because you know someone who had a rough time doesn’t mean that you will too. Your story will be as distinctive as you are. So take a deep breath, try to relax and just know that your future isn’t defined by someone else’s experience.


 “Stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 30. Wait for the right time for things to happen. The universe will ultimately guide you where you are meant to be “

4. All things get better with time

Notice how impatient you get about things. You wonder when things would be okay. You think about how miserable your life is just because you might be facing some minor issues. I call them minor issues causes there isn’t any problem that doesn’t have a solution. 

Short story

Let me tell you a short story to make my point: -Once upon a time, there was an insect. A normal sized black ant wandering alone on the ground exploring some food that will serve him for the day.

After hours of pointless searching, he didn’t get any food to eat. It might be due to hot day combined with sandstorms that day for food and very soon, he found a comparatively bigger piece of bread on a somewhat one-sided slope.

He tried his best to climb up the slope but each time he crossed nearly half of the slope, and he just slipped down. But he was determined to reach for the piece of bread so he continued trying.

Even after half an hour of in-depth efforts, the ant couldn’t make it. The ant was extremely tired, almost incapable of moving anymore, hungry from a long time but even then he didn’t quit. He decided to give it another try.

This time, nature had decided something good for him. Sandstorms stopped, sun was about to set and the ant, putting even the last bit of energy to climb up, reached that point which he was longing from long. Now, the bread piece was in front of him.

He reached near the bread piece and ate it. you show that all the efforts you do, you do get a great time in life. 

5. Overthinking leads to sadness
sometimes you might wander why you just think over something that is pointless. You overthink over everything almost. Its not bad to think but overthinking leads to sadness. When you overthink about something you simply believe what your mind tells you. Mind is powerful, and you mind makes you think about things that might not exist even. 
Overthinking takes away almost all your energy and simply makes you weak. You become weak internally. Overthinking causes anxiety, stress and depression in some severe cases. 

“The sharpest minds often ruin their lives by overthinking the next step, while the dull win the race with eyes closed.”

5 ways to overcome regret!

Regret destroys everything

It might be times when your past moment just pops up in your head. It might be when you’re showering or maybe when you’re reading a book. The memories just interrelate with what you’re doing. For example, when you’re reading a book, you consider yourself to be one of the characters in the book.

The bad memories you have in the past bring regret along. At times you think of maybe if you had a chance you would go back in the past and fix things. Some of us, or maybe you can say most of us, some way or another tries to let go of the past. But something in the past just pulls you back. Makes you realize of all the painful choices you made.

Different regrets in life

Not living your life the way you want to

I think this is a main regret people face nowadays. People try to live their life the way others want them to. Each person is surrounded by a group of other people. Those other people influence them in different ways. That’s where you cause yourself damage. You tend to listen to what others expect from you. And live your life the way they tell you to.

For example, a guy in his office is given another job opportunity. He is confused whether to take it or not. That’s where he thinks to discuss it with his colleague. The colleague tells him not to take the opportunity and to stay with the job he has.
Maybe if the guy taught about it himself. And took control of his life. He would have taken this job opportunity seriously. Today he wouldn’t have been regretting it.

Expressing your feelings on time

People do lack in expressing their feelings for others. Most of the relationships nowadays don’t work well. The couple fights and surely, they breakup sooner than they imagined too. But one thing that is important to work up a relationship is expressing how you feel for the other person. I think when you express how much you love the other person that’s where the couple comes closer to each other.

The individual people who were once a couple regret all this. They try to think that if they had got a chance, they would have expressed their feelings for each other. And maybe they would have been on better terms that now.

Following your dreams

Having dreams is like everyone’s hobbies. Every person in this world has a dream. Some dream to have an amazing car, some dream to have a beautiful branded dress and others dream for a good job. There are all sorts of dreams everyone has for himself or herself. Whether rich or poor, everyone has a dream. But having a dream doesn’t matter, what matters is how to make that dream come true. Who can struggle to make their dream come true?

It’s best that you work hard now. Otherwise you might regret later. You should struggle you make your dreams come true. Because maybe now you won’t feel but later in your life you might regret. You might think that maybe if I gave my studies more time, I might have been in the university I dreamed for.

Stressing over what others think about you

I might say that people do care about what others think of them. People try to change themselves the way others might like them. People stress out on how others might judge them. They try to change themselves accordingly. But one thing for sure is that not everyone is perfect. You shouldn’t care about what others think of you.
Don’t stress over what others might think of you. It is best to do what you like, to do things that make you happy. That you know is right for yourself. Trust me people are quite selfish here and these negativities only damage you. Let people say what they want to. And you do as you like. It is better than regretting!

Not giving time to your family

We all understand that family is the most important thing in our lives. So why do most of us take all this for granted. We should realize that one day our parents, our family might no longer be with us. Why wait for that day when they would go from this planet. And we would miss spending time with them. Its bests to give them time spend time with your siblings, with your parent. If your blessed enough that they live with you. Spend lots of time with them. If they’re far away then give them Skype calls, or send them emails. Just try to stay in contact with your family.

Most of us, don’t realize how important family is. Thus later on in your life you regret that if you had more time you would have given your parents more love and care. You would have taken care of them. Try to do things on the right time. Never take your family for granted. And try to spend most of your time with them.


In short, Facing your regrets is going to be tough. It will probably be painful, terrifying and terrifying all at the same time. Don’t let that hold you back, though. Your personal growth and happiness depend on you finding a way to move forward. It’s worth the effort.